Tangaroa Blue & Kathmandu Aussie Tour!

Kathmandu Brisbane 2

On November 4th 2017, Tangaroa Blue Foundation teamed up with Kathmandu in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to run a series of clean-ups for their Summit Club and motivated community members. Prizes were won, 76 participants had fun, and a total of 239.6 kilograms of rubbish was successfully cleared from Australia’s coasts and waterways, and audited for the Australian Marine Debris Database.

At the City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, 109.6kg of litter were picked up by 22 volunteers. In Sydney at Meadowbank Memorial Park, 59.5kg of marine debris was removed by 14 volunteers. Another 58.5kg was cleared at Dight’s Falls in Melbourne by 23 volunteers and 12kg was cleaned up by 17 volunteers from Walter’s Point in Perth.

A trend of plastic items appeared in the data across each site which mostly included bags, food packaging, cigarette butts and plastic remnants. There was no shortage of foam either, all four sites had foam packaging and insulation in their top three items. In Sydney, the threats of foam towards wildlife were evident as chunks of foam were washing in covered in barnacles. An unusual find of tiny foam bean bag chair balls were scattered across the banks near Meadowbank wharf, which in the marine environment would appear as a tempting food source to any marine animal.

It was great to partner with Kathmandu and a big thank you to Kathmandu Summit Club members and volunteers who participated in these clean-up events around Australia, your dedication to the oceans has gone a long way. We look forward to teaming up again in 2018!

Huge thanks to our Tangaroa Blue Coordinators: Kate Nairn, Ben Reid, Alison Dorn, Mathilde Gordon, Lucy Graham and Nicole Kowalczyk.