New version of the AMDI Database

DB1With the support of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority through Reef Trust and Sustainability Victoria Tangaroa Blue has been working behind the scenes to update the Australian Marine Debris Database, and will be bringing the new version online later this week. From Tuesday 20th June to Thursday 29th June you will not be able to access the AMDI Database as we bring the new version online.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused, and will have the new AMDI Database online as soon as possilble.

You will need to register as a new user when you first access the new version of the AMDI Database. Below are some of the changes and some suggestions on preparing to use the new version.





The main changes will include:

• An interactive map for positioning the location of your clean-up site. You have the option of choosing a pre-existing site, drawing a polygon around your site or simply placing the locator at the position of your site.


• Entry of items will take place by first selecting an item category (e.g. Plastic fishing items) from a drop down list that has the categories in the same order as on the paper data sheet and in the ID manual, then selecting the required item from a drop down list of items for that category.

Currently, if you don’t know what the database name of an item is you can enter it in the additional items section. The new version will not have an additional items section. You will therefore need to work out which item name to select for items you’re unsure about. To do this you can check the Marine Debris Identification manual where you can use the Find function (ctrl F) to search for the item.


There will be a Quick Guide produced to help with using the new version and this will be accessible on the website when the new version goes live. A comprehensive user manual will also be available a little later in the year.

The following preparations are suggested especially for users who submit clean-up data regularly:

• Download or check you have the latest version of the Marine Debris ID Manual when you first use the new version of the database (we will be updating this prior to the new version going live).

• When entering data on a hard copy Data Sheet, find the correct item names for additional items before you commence your data entry session.

• When you first use the new version, before entering any data, navigate through the data submission pages and experiment with the locator map to become familiar with the new database environment.

• Please always keep your hardcopy Data Sheets or other data collection formats at least until you have confirmed that your data is successfully in the database.

• We recommend you avoid entering large numbers of Data sheets at a time especially while adjusting to the new version.

• Please contact us if you have any difficulties using the new version or if you think something is not working as it should as there is always the possibility of teething problems!!