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Washed Ashore Jill Chism with Tangaroa Blue Volunteers

Jill Chism1LThis work is created in collaboration with Tangaroa Blue, an Australia-wide marine debris clean-up organisation, which relies almost entirely on volunteer participation. Washed Ashore highlights the excessive quantities of marine debris now accumulating on Australian beaches and encourages individuals to take action.

The use of blended colours mimics our initial attraction to products, which soon turns into waste/repulsion. It is also now understood that the massive pile up of garbage in the oceans currents (some of these twice as big as Texas such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch) breaks down to become micro particles that are consumed by plankton to become part of the food chain . In this way we are consuming our own plastic waste while changing forever the make-up of the natural environment.

This work is an encouragement to do something positive about the situation. Each individuals actions becomes a powerful collective response, as can be seen by the work achieved by the organisation Tangaroa Blue.


Vote for your Favourite Beach!

PhoenixWant to help protect our beautiful coastlines? Join Tangaroa Blue & Phoenix Drinks by voting for your favourite beach and we could be heading there this summer to give it some TLC!

The beach in Australia and another beach in New Zealand who gets the most votes will have a beach clean-up organised by Tangaroa Blue, Sustainable Coastlines and Phoenix Drinks this summer. So if you know a beach that could do with some TLC vote today!



Marine polluting plastics in the firing line with NSW action

microbeadsEnvironment groups campaigning to protect the health of the marine environment and the food chain today welcomed the action by NSW Environment Minister, Rob Stokes to nationally ban plastic micro-beads.

The battle to clean up the oceans of ever-expanding soup-like plastic pollution is worldwide and Australia, with its extensive coastline has an important role to play, the groups said.

Jeff Angel, Executive Director, Total Environment Centre said: "Plastic pollution of the oceans, beaches and marine food chain damages what every Australian values about our beautiful environment. Action does need to be taken and we call on industry to fully cooperate with Environment Minister Stokes on the micro-plastics. Many companies are already moving on this and there are ready alternatives.


Win 2 Tickets to the Deepsea Challenge 3D Film!

DSC3Dlowres 1

As a boy, filmmaker James Cameron dreamed of a journey to the deepest part of the ocean. DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D is an astonishing documentary feature about the dramatic fulfilment of that dream, a historic expedition which took Cameron on the first-ever solo dive to the deepest place on the planet, deeper than Everest is high; the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Check out the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwgqL6n2SOw

Tangaroa Blue Foundation has 5 double tickets to see this amazing film at one of 50 locations around Australia screening from August 21st!* To win one of 5 double tickets be one of the first 5 people to 'like' Tangaroa Blue' on Facebook and post the correct answers to these questions.


We Need Your Vote!

FINALISTwebtile 250-x-250 FINALlTangaroa Blue Foundation will be joining 69 other awesome organisations and volunteers who are finalists in 9 diverse categories of the 2014 National Landcare Awards.

Winning the WA Landcare Award for the Coastcare Category last year meant that we join other state Coastcare winners for the national award to be announced in Melbourne in September.

And you can be part of the voting - The 2014 People's Choice Award is now open! To vote for Tangaroa Blue Foundation just visit The National Landcare Awards and nominate us in the Coastcare Category.

Thanks for your support!