Nelson Australian Marine Debris Initiative Workshop – VIC

If all we do is clean-up, that’s all we’ll ever do.
That is why the Tangaroa Blue Foundation invites you to join this free workshop to learn how the rubbish you collect from your beaches and waterways can help your community to establish a good baseline of data that you can then use to create an understanding of what are the most common items being found and where they might be coming from. This enables individuals and communities to engage with all likely stakeholders and partners to create a strategy that would stop those items collected from ever entering the environment in the first place.

Who is the workshop for?
This workshop is for any community members, local businesses, school representatives and government representatives interested in assisting in the development of a local plan that stops litter at its source. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to have experience in this field, just an interest in protecting our local environment.

Afternoon tea will be provided
Please RSVP by 25th Jan

To register please contact
Melissa Tuliranta
M. 0423 063 820

This event is funded by Volunteer Connect and supported by Barwon South West WRRG and Nelson Coastcare.