Waste Free Events for Kingston!

The participants of the Kingston City Council Source Reduction Plan set single use polystyrene and plastic cups in its sight, particularly those arising from sporting events. The first step involved finding out when events are taking place and to put a list together from the local region. The working group decided to target outdoor sporting events and then went on to find out who oversaw events approval/ permitting. Members from the SRP promoted the use of paper cups instead of plastic or polystyrene at events and discussed that litter was a major issue at such events.

Event organisers took a long time to respond to the working groups recommendations of infrastructure solutions and replacing plastic cups for compostable ones. Only once visual evidence was presented did officials did agree to replace plastic cups with compostable cups and mentioned they would allocate a larger number of staff and volunteers to clean up efforts in future.

The SRP working group is now lobbying event organisers for another sporting event to adopt a more sustainable approach as well. Kingston City Council responded to the Source Reduction Plan process by changing their “event vendor guidelines” to ensure vendors are using the Kingston Waste Wise program. The project is ongoing.

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