Students spreading the message

This source reduction plan was designed by participants in Rockingham during a workshop funded through Keep Australia Beautiful Council Litter Prevention Grants. It aims to address bits and pieces of plastic as well as film remnants at South Beach. Between 2011 and 2014, 972 of these items have been recorded in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database at South Beach. This source reduction plan targets those that have been discarded on land rather than the ocean. It is important for the community to act on the pieces of plastic because they are unsightly, kill animals and damage the environment.

This source reduction plan is based around community education. It will involve Fremantle Primary School hosting a poster competition to raise community awareness targeting “Keep our Fremantle beaches litter free”. Coastcare will be approached to help with clean-ups and advice. Children will be awarded a certificate for their participation which will be handed to them by a well-known environmentalist or the Major of Fremantle. The newspaper will be invited to take photographs and thus inform the public. Local shops along South Terrace and close to the beach will be asked to display the winning children’s posters. The success of this source reduction plan will be measured during the 2015 WA Beach Clean-up event.

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