Scheme water healthier than plastic

This source reduction plan was designed by participants in Port Hedland during a workshop funded through Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA Litter Prevention Grants. The source reduction plan addresses plastic water bottles. Locally there is a large consumption of bottles from the supermarkets because people do not trust the scheme water. They are found on beaches because they are discarded there, as well as in parks and on the water. They also fall out of vehicles, boats, bags and bins. This issue is of great community importance because the large consumption of plastic water bottles is not sustainable. They are unsightly when in the environment, they break up to smaller plastic particles which can impact wildlife and they waste council money due to the amount of clean-up effort needed.

The source reduction plan is to start a campaign encouraging people to drink the scheme water and avoid bottled water. Reducing production of the plastic bottle waste stream will complement existing and planned litter prevention initiatives. Local council are encouraged to host plastic free community events and lead by example. The supermarkets may be able to offer a recycling rebate for plastic bottles. The KABC could fund a filter jug give away. Community groups may be able to promote plastic water bottle reduction and the alternatives. The success of this source reduction plan will be measured during the 2015 WA Beach Clean-up event.

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