Mint wrappers bad breath for wildlife

This source reduction plan was designed by participants in Bunbury during a workshop funded through Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA Litter Prevention Grants. It aims to address plastic lolly wrappers being littered by patrons to a beach front cafe in Bunbury.

Every week the volunteers from Responsible Runners in Bunbury pick up dozens of Mentos wrappers, which they’ve tracked back to the cashier’s counter at a local cafe. The last thing that patrons do is to pay their bill and pick up a mint, the wrapper of which is commonly littered on to the sidewalk and blown onto the local beach.

This source reduction plan is based around engaging the local cafes to find an alternative mint option to these individually wrapped mints for their customers, and engagement of the cafe’s patrons in an educational message to highlight the impacts of littering.

Responsible Runner Bunbury will continue to document the number of Mentos wrappers in addition to their data collection process at each weekly clean-up. This information can measure the success of the source reduction plan once implemented. They will also create some targeted local images to be used in their engagement with both the cafe and the community. The success of this source reduction plan will be measured during ongoing clean-ups as well as the 2015 WA Beach Clean-up event.

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