Do you shop at a Responsible Cafe?

The Responsible Cafes Program connects responsible cafes with conscious consumers by encouraging cafes to offer a discount to customers with reusable takeaway cups.

1 billion takeaway cups and lids are landfilled or littered each year in Australia and, contrary to popular belief, they are poorly recyclable, many having a plastic lining, and only rarely composted due to inadequate industrial composting facilities.

So by giving a discount to customers who bring their own reusable cup, the Responsible Cafes Program saves money and reduces waste at the same time. This not only incentivises customers to do the right thing but increases awareness of the issues surrounding single-use waste and nurtures a culture of reuse.

While many cafes are opting for a 30-50c discount, the amount of the discount is totally up to you – just write it in straight on the poster!

In association with environmental organisations Take 3, the Two Hands Project, Tangaroa Blue, Surfrider Foundation Australia, Positive Change for Marine Life, Transition Bondi, Transition Margaret River, and more, we provide a vintage-style poster (in A3, A4, or A5 sizes), a small sticker for storefront display, an information sheet outlining the issue, and a video on the benefits of the program.

Responsible Cafes are jumping up all over Australia, so we’d love to have you on board! If you or anyone you know owns a cafe, or if you would like to approach cafes in your area, let us know and we’ll sort you out with everything you need.

For more information on Responsbile Cafes visit their website.

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