BYO cups in Albany

This source reduction plan was designed by participants in Albany during a workshop funded through Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA Litter Prevention Grants. It aims to reduce the amount of disposable coffee cups that are not disposed of correctly in the area. This is an important issue in the community because discarded coffee cups impact the aesthetic quality of the area and cost the council to clean-up. The cups also break up and have the potential to impact wildlife.

The source reduction plan encourages people to bring their own re-usable cups to the cafes that serve the coffee, rather than opting for the disposable ones. Local cafes will be approached to gain support for the source reduction plan and to see whether they may be able to offer a discount to people who come in with a re-usable cup, thus providing an incentive. Local government will be asked to provide funding to support the re-usable cups. The media, including local and ABC, will also be asked to help to get the message out there. The success of this source reduction plan will be measured during the 2015 WA Beach Clean-up event.

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