Dunsborough Primary School

Dunsborough PS IntroDunsborough Primary School enjoys one of the most picturesque locations of any primary school in the State. Situated in the old part of Dunsborough, some 275 km from Perth, the school is built on a 4ha elevated site adjacent to a golf course, overlooking Geographe Bay.

The school grounds are aesthetically pleasing with natural bush borders on the southern and eastern boundaries and extensive lawn and play areas. A significant feature of the grounds is the number of large trees that are interspersed around the buildings and the school oval.

Creating a safe and supportive environment for students is a key focus for the school. Programs such as Peer Mediation and the Virtues Project are used to encourage children to practice socially acceptable behaviours at every opportunity. A part time school chaplain provides pastoral care and support to children, parents and staff.

5th Bay OK Day in Dunsborough

2016 Bay OK DayOn the 11th November 2016 Tangaroa Blue Foundation had the pleasure of taking part in the 5th Bay OK Day, where children from Dunsborough Primary School spend the day learning about how to better care for and look after Geographe Bay. The students walk from the school down to the shores of Geographe Bay where they take part in a range of beachfront activities including fishing, recycled art workshop, looking at marine creatures under microscopes, learning about stormwater runoff, Surf Life Saving demonstration, and more.

Tangaroa Blue member Renee Mouritz worked with Yr 4 and 5 students, teaching them about Tangaroa Blue and the impacts that plastics and rubbish have on our local marine life and seabirds. It was really refreshing to see how much knowledge and awareness the students already have about the impacts of marine debris in our oceans.

Tangaroa Blue was also awarded a Five Year Champions certificate acknowledging our contribution over the five years that Bay OK Day has run.

2014 Bay OK Day

2014 Bay OKDunsborough Primary School students celebrated Bay OK Day with a morning of beachfront activities along the shores of Geographe Bay during November 2014. These included whale watching, marine debris art workshops, drawing, fishing, looking at marine creatures under microscopes, building an eco-raft from plastic bottles, learning about stormwater runoff and more.

Tangaroa Blue member Renee Mouritz was onsite to teach Yr 3 and 4 students about Tangaroa Blue and the impacts that plastics and rubbish have on our local marine life and seabirds.

Bay OK Day with Dunsborough Primary Students

20130405 DunsboroughPS2This year's 'Bay OK Day' was held on April 5th and organised by Dunsborough Primary School. The event saw a beautiful day with a range of interactive marine educational workshops for the children to get involved with. The event was attended by organisations such as GeoCatch, DEC, SWCC, Surf Lifesaving and Fisheries WA.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation focused on the importance of collecting data from beach cleanups; emphasising the power in scientific data when mitigating the issue of marine debris. A range of different items commonly found during beach cleans were presented to the students and with the aid of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation's Marine Debris Identification Manual the data was recorded in small groups.

The exercise reinforced the recognition that most marine debris found on beaches is made from plastic, and the implications of this were discussed. The harm potential of specific items such as whole strapping bands and cylume glow sticks were highlighted to the students.