Christmas Island District High School

christmas island high school logoSituated on Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), CIDHS is a safe, secure and happy school, aiming for a culturally inclusive education which enables students to develop a positive and healthy self-concept. Together we strive for students who:

→ are self motivated learners
→ are adaptive to a changing world
→ develop personal excellence whilst working with others
→ respect and value themselves, achievement, the community, the environment and cultural diversity

As part of this commitment we are dedicated to helping the environment and community through participating in a clean up of one of the beaches on the island. In March the year 10 students attempted to clean the beach of debris and successfully removed 393kg of rubbish, however we were appalled that waste material still remained. This May we want to do this again however with the goal of clearing the whole beach. We have asked for assistance from community services and the year 9’s and with the help of Tangaroa Blue we want to achieve and share this goal.

Sea Week on Christmas Island!

2017 Christmas Island Video!

CI students tackle Greta Beach

201703 cidhs

Christmas Island District High School students removed almost 400kg from Greta Beach in March 2017 and are planning to head back in May to finish off the job!