Southport State High School

southport shsWelcome to Southport State High School a centre for secondary education that is focused on personal excellence for all students.

Our school has a proud tradition of being a supportive and caring community that delivers outstanding educational training and opportunities for all students. By choosing our school for your child's educational needs we believe you have invested in the 'Smart Choice'.

Our engaging curriculum and dedicated staff have created a teaching and learning environment where each student will not only be supported to achieve the highest levels of success of which they are capable, but will also be encouraged to be responsible, thoughtful, honest, respectful and confident.



Southport Students Join AMDI!

201402 southport shsSouthport State High School is one of those schools that is lucky enough to have its own river!  Today, three grade 8 classes went to clean their ‘backyard’ up with a positive attitude, but also perhaps an idea that the river would be ‘just fine’. 

However, on closer investigation, the students (and teachers) were amazed at just how much rubbish there actually was down there. Items such as balls, plastic shopping bags, beer cans and even a bicycle made the event colourful.

The students and teachers even found McDonalds wrappers along the bank of the river and thought ‘no wonder – McDonalds down the road backs on to this river – we need to talk to them’.  A great hatching of a Source Reduction Plan is in the wings. Thanks for a great day everyone!!