Lockhart River State School

Lockhart-River-SS-IntroLockhart State School is a very remote indigenous school situated in the community of Lockhart River on the Eastern Coast of Cape York Peninsula. The population is approximately 600 people. The community is comprised of five costal and inland diverse language groups. Lockhart students are fluent speakers of Lockhart Language which is the traditional language, English is a second language. The term 'Sandbeach' or Pama Malnkana, means 'people of the sand beach' which gives common identity to the inhabitants of this region. The area is one of pristine beauty with the mountain of 'Iron Range' sweeping down to the golden sand of Quintel Beach from where the locals launch their fishing boats. The population is very friendly and warmly welcomes new teaching staff into their community. Many of the teachers are beginning teachers who have commited themselves to the challenge of living in a very remote community for 2 years.

Lockhart River was formerly a mission established in 1924 at 'old site' before moving to the present location in 1971 with the formation of the Lockhart River Council in 1987. The community is presently under an Alcohol Management Plan with zero alcohol permitted. The Local Lockhart River Gang is a sustainable enterprise which involves artists working in the local community. Most employment opportunities are generated by the Council with contributions from the Community Development Employment Programme. The students of the school are keen learners with considerable sporting and athletic abilities. Hearing impairments and or fluctuating hearing loss impacts significantly on learning for many students. In addition, the school has adopted a strong behavioural philosophy, based on respect.

Chilli Beach Clean-up Day

20130802 ChilliOn the 2nd of August the students from the Lockhart River State School Secondary volunteered to participate in the Chilli Beach clean-up day. Everyone met up at the Chilli Beach northern car park at 9am. Teachers, parents, the local Lockhart River Shire and the even visitors in the area joined in on the event to help our salt water country. Afterwards everyone was treated to a BBQ supplied by the Lockhart River Retail Store and a t-shirt from the Tangaroa Blue. We were able to cover the whole beach again this year and removed 4.91 tonnes (5.5 tonnes last year) - and the thong count was 4,757 (4,696 last year). Which is a massive 61 thongs more than last year.
Rakiesha Dean