Rollingstone State School

Rollingstone LogoRollingstone State School is situated within a semi-rural area between Townsville (to the South), and Ingham (to the North), a distance of approximately 60 kilometres both ways. Rollingstone Creek meanders through the community and empties into the sea at the beach suburb of Balgal Beach.

Our student population comes from between 5 and 15 kilometres from the school where we have the populated areas of Balgal Beach, Mystic Sands, Toomulla Beach and Hencamp Creek.

At Rollingstone State School we work together, as a community of learners, to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving. We strive to encourage and support every student as they strive to achieve their full potential.

Citizen Scientists from Rollingstone State School

Rollingstone 1On November 14th 2016, a group of 41 students from Rollingstone State School took to the shorelines of Balgal Beach and picked up rubbish within 3 hectares of environment. The Reef Guardian School group ranged from years three down to preps, where on the beach together they collected 17.5 kilograms in 30 minutes including a 7kg plastic drum, several fishing lines and hooks as well as typically seen cigarette butts and a variety of drink containers.

Balgal Beach is a camping site and fishing area hence the type of items the kids picked up, however in comparison to other sites with similar pressures the amount of litter left behind was minimal. Balgal Beach demonstrates that human choice and behaviour can have a grave influence on a location as visitors are taking their rubbish when they leave and locals are helping maintain the area.

After the beach clean-up, students took turns weighing the collection and counting the number of bags they filled over the morning. Filled with satisfaction, the kids were energized for phase two which involved sorting rubbish and data collection!