Pacific Palms Public School

Pacific Palms PSPacific Palms Public School has a current student population of 302 students and draws from a range of socio economic backgrounds and geographic areas. The school is welcoming and friendly and we work in close partnership with parents and the wider community. It is a privilege to have Boomerang Beach situated directly across the road from our school. We endeavour to care for our local environment and encourage student awareness and involvement by having an environmental group called, The Green Team.
Our teachers are highly motivated, experienced and dedicated to providing rich and varied programs to ensure that all of our students receive a quality education. Our school values personal well- being within a safe and caring environment. Student welfare programs foster positive relationships, personal effort, a positive attitude to learning and resilience. Students are further supported in this area by our student welfare worker.

Our school offers a diverse range of educational, music and sporting programs and we are committed to excellence and have high expectations for all of our students. The curriculum caters for a broad range of interests and needs with a variety of sporting, cultural and extension opportunities available to all students. An active Learning Support Team ensures that all of our students have the support needed to reach their full potential. We have outstanding community support through our volunteer tutor program, ensuring that all children are provided with every opportunity to achieve success.