Central Coast / Brisbane Waters Clean4Shore Program

The Central Coast/Brisbane Waters Clean4Shore Program is a collaboration between Graham Johnston Training Services, schools located between Sydney's Hawkesbury River and the Central Coast and local government agencies.

Each week different schools head out to clean up sections of the local river systems, and the amount of debris they remove is astounding in fact more than 40 tonnes in 2014 alone!

For more information on this program contact Graham Johnston on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Jono Awarded Coastcare Award

HNCMA Community Forum and Regional Landcare Awards 2013The Hawkesbury & Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program, coordinated by Graham 'Jono' Johnston, has been recognised at the Hunter Nepean CMA 2013 Regional Landcare Awards by wining the Coastal Communities category!

With support from Macmasters Surf Lifesaving Club, local schools, industry and councils, Jono has coordinated the program that has removed over 14 tonnes of debris from urban waterways in just 12 months.

The program is also contributing vital data on what is being removed and submitted in the Australian Marine Debris Database, helping to identify where resources are needed. Awesome work to everyone involved in this program!


Hawkesbury River Clean Up

20130423 AndrewThe Hawekesbury River around Long Island and just west of the Freeway Bridge were the targeted areas for the clean up on 23rd April for Graham Johnston and his team as part of the foreshore clean up program. 

The clean up team was also joined by a filmcrew who were documenting the awesome work done by the volunteers and partners, and the day started with a briefing and loading the barge with the camera equipment.

The foreshore to the east was quickly surveyed, and upon closer inspection revealed plenty of litter, mostly plastic bottles. This site is opposite the Derrubbun boat ramp, and has been passed many times, with litter unseen. Plenty of rock hopping as the young volunteers displayed plenty of litter for the film crew, who were very close by. This was an ideal location, well worth the closer inspection


Toddy and The Croft Bulk Offload!

20130411 Pelican IslandThere is a phenomenal amount of debris washing through the Brisbane Waters, and through the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program, Graham Johnston has pulled a team of local stakeholders together to remove this backlog of trash and look at ways of preventing if from entering the waterways in the first place.

April 11th's clean up activites reached a milestone and 15.5 tonne now has been removed from the waterways adjacent to the Woy Woy Town Centre, since program commencement in April 2012.

The activities planned for the day included the removal of disused oyster growing debris as well as debris that had made its way through stormwater drains from landbased sources.


Spectacle Island Now Complete!

20130328 CroftBrisbane Waters Secondary College 'The Croft' headed out to the Hawkesbury River for a clean up along the southern and western foreshores of the Hawkesbury River and Spectacle Island on March 28th.

A peak high tide enabled craft and student access to the mangroves and foreshores of Spectacle Island, however with the high water, visibility was restricted. Abundant litter was removed from both sides of the Island, mostly plastic floating on the surface, six bags counted and deposited at the Derrubben Reserve bins. The larger items included a 40 litre compressed gas bottle, oyster trays and baskets, plastic tubing, foam items, two tyres and milk crates were all deposited at the long Island bulk site for a pickup in the coming weeks.


Floating Island in the Hawkesbury River

20130403 HarleyThe 3rd of April saw five members from Rolland Hassall 'Support' High School head out to the Hawkesbury River/Bar Point/Milson Island as part of the Hawkesbury River Clean Up Program.

- Milson Island northern mangrove from the jetty, was thoroughly cleaned, many broken glass items recovered. Five full bags removed from this area;
- The Parramatta wreck was not able to be reached, due to the low tide;
- Two sections of mangroves were cleaned near Bar Point, with high numbers of plastic and old bottles collected. This site is a collection point for flood waters containing large amounts of debris and these mangroves near Bar Point have not been cleaned before;