Schools Info

School students from around the country have joined the Australian Marine Debris Initiative by adopting their local section of beach for on-going marine debris monitoring and removal, showing the next generation is dedicated to the protection of our marine environment.

If you are part of a school that would like to join the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, get in touch with us! We may be able to provide schools with clean-up materials and visit your school for presentations, workshops and to help with beach clean-up events.

We have many free resources available to download now so you and your class can learn more about marine debris and how you can make a difference. Check these out:

  • Education Kit - Here we offer lessons and resources for early primary (Prep - Grade 3), upper primary (Grades 4 - 6) and Senior grade levels (years 7 - 10). You may download, print, and redistribute the materials in any medium or format under our creative commons licensing structure.
  • Fact Sheets - Our Fact Sheets are one-pagers that summarise different topics in the categories of Marine Debris, Clean-up Safety or living Waste Free.
  • How to resources - These resources include videos and manuals on How to Run a Beach Clean-up, How to use the AMDI App, What is Marine Debris and so much more.
  • Data Sheet - This is the sheet that we use when manually recording the data from a clean-up.
  • ID Manual - This manual will help you identify and properly categorise the debris you're collecting.

Get involved and help protect our ocean environment today. For more information email