Youth off the Streets and on the River!

Father Chris O’Riley’s Youth of the Streets –  Redfern – were very much off the streets on November 17th, and on the river as part of the Clean4Foreshore Project funded by Hornsby Shire Council & Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

Ben Cook and his 11 volunteers headed out on the Hawkesbury River to monitor and remove litter from the Southern foreshore adjacent to the Freeway Bridge & Big Bay near Alison Point.

This was an excellent activity for this group from Redfern, with troubled youth and their supervisors enjoying the challenges of a wilderness environment. The low tide made access very difficult, especially on the oyster covered rocks near the Freeway Bridge, where small litter items were removed, and a pleasant surprise of no bulk items being present!

The big bay inside Mullet Creek, on the Eastern foreshore was cleaned as was either side of the residence near Alison Point. The two derelict boats still remain in the mangroves. Plastic bottles, pieces of plastic and polystyrene was collected. Two full bags in total were removed.

From the residence South to Alison Point, three old tyres were removed, plus four small oyster trays. Then, with the IRBs heavily laden, the above items were stacked safely on the rocks beneath the Cogra Point railway bridge for later collection. Half a bag of smaller litter was also collected

Number of bags of litter collected = 4 bags + bulk with an approximate volume of litter collected = 85 Kg.

Well done to everyone involved!

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