Year 9 Marine Studies Students on the River

Year 9 Marine Studies students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College in Umina helped out with the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Clean-up Program on March 4th at Yattalunga Mangroves, Saratoga and Green Point.

The 11 students and teacher were assisted by local oyster grower Simon Funnel and his barge to remove over 680kg of debris from the river system.

This was the first time the Year 9 Marine Studies students had participated in the program and they were keen and full of energy.

Due to the lower tide, access was difficult, hence a move to Green Point reserve foreshore. Four tyres, oyster product and small litter was collected. The jetty at Saratoga to the Yattalunga mangroves was then cleaned, more of the same with oyster products, again filling the barge. Finally access was made at Yattalunga, the mangroves cleaned in the past week were continued. Access had the students deep in mud, mosquitoes were in plague proportions, and the litter was plentiful.

An old boat, reported by local residents was removed from Paddys Channel, again with oyster product bring the total of bulk items removed today to12 tyres, 8 large oyster trays, ply decking timber, car seat, metal piping, trampoline mat and 20 bags of mixed small litter. A great effort by the students and volunteers.

This program is funded through the Gosford City Council.

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