Yattalunga Foreshore Clean-up

Students from ‘The Croft’ joined the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program for a clean-up along the Yattalunga Foreshore Reserve on February 13th.

The task for the day was the remove dismantled boats from the Yattalunga Reserve, and pick up any litter in the mangroves south of the Yattalunga Jetty.

The group was supported by local oyster grower Simon Funnel who provided his barge, and the Gosford City Council who assisted in the disposal of all debris removed.

The mangroves to the south of Yattalunga jetty were tackled first with eight large black oyster trays removed, along with plenty of plastic bottles and other litter. Several bags of residential litter were found, thrown from the adjacent street into the bush beside the mangroves. Car tyres, cushions, oyster rubber and one small fiberglass tender were also removed from these mangroves.

The boats broken last Tuesday were loaded, with the young boys keen to get involved in this difficult task. An attempt was made to float a submerged fiberglass hull, beside the Yattalunga Jetty. Locals report that this boat has been submerged for over 15 years. Additional demolition equipment is require to lift this boat.

All rubbish transferred to the jetty at Lions Club Park where a council truck transported the load to Woy Woy tip. 9 very full bags of small litter was collected and four boat hulls were removed all up weighing approximately 1000kg!

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