Wonga Students Collect Marine Debris and Data!

After weeks of rain and flooding Far North Queensland finally had some of that famous sunshine, and it was perfect timing to coincide with the Wonga State School beach clean up at Wonga Beach!

26 students, teachers and volunteers created a base camp at the Pinnacle Caravan Park and then headed down to Wonga Beach. An amazingly beautiful day with no wind and sunshine – this is the kind of day that you see on all the brochures! But even so there was rubbish to be found, and over the next hour students collected a total of 1508 individual bits of debris, filling 5 bags and weighing 44kg!

The most common items found were 571 bits of broken hard plastic, 281 plastic lids and bottletops, 98 pieces of polystyrene foam, 67 food wrappers, 61 plastic drink bottles, 53 pieces of the Bureau of Meterology’s weather balloons and 39 thongs!

The most unusual item found was a tennis racket!

The students sorted and counted the debris, also collecting information and data on their finds, which were then taken back to the classroom for an afternoon session of analysis of their finds!

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