Winter time at Airlie’s Inlet!

On a beautiful April day the beach is the place to be, and we were lucky enough to have our Tangaroa Blue session scheduled for today. We were cleaning a section of beach between Moggs Creek and Spout Creekk near the Great Ocean Rd Sign about 8 km before Lorne.

It was mid-tide so we directed the boys to walk along the high tide line up to the front of the dunes and to pick up every piece of debris no matter how small. From our starting point there looked to be nothing along the 3 km stretch of beach that we were set to walk along and clean up, but once we got going and put our heads down we were picking up debris every couple of steps. As always most of the rubbish we found was near the car parks and the tourist spots, cigarette butts and plastic bags led the way with foam packaging coming a close third.

The boys were amazed by the amount of plastics they found, not to mention fishing nets and sanitary items. It’s always interesting to see the Year 9 boys categorising the debris and their disbelief at how much rubbish they have picked up in such a short time on a relatively uninhabited section of Australia’s coastline.

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