What’s with all the Light Globes??

The School for Student Leadership Snowy River Campus students have one burning question; what’s with all the light globes? After completing our expeditions, we have found a grand total of 29 light globes. We have been told that it is now illegal to throw light globes overboard, so why are we finding so many??

Among other items of rubbish we found 17 cleaning product bottles, 30 alcohol bottles, fluorescent light sticks and a few odd thongs. Whilst it is fun to see the strange items on the beach, we should not see them at all. The fishermen and oil rigs that rely on the ocean for their next pay check are also slowly killing it.

If we reduced the rubbish that we throw into the sea, we would be creating a happier, healthier eco-system. So next time you think about throwing that light globe in the ocean or chucking that bottle overboard, think again. Is it really that hard to put it in the bin and save the eco-system that you rely on??

Indigo McKinnon, Year 9 Student, School for Student Leadership, Snowy River Campus.

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