Victoria’s Spectacular Surf Coast!

Over the last few months the boys at St Bernards College, Santa Monica Campus have been scouring the Surf Coast to keep it clean and set a good example for all the other schools out there.

From Johanna Beach to Aire River mouth near Cape Otway, to Cathedral Rock near Lorne we have been filling bags full of rubbish that has either got caught in rocks or simply washed up on shore. Our work has finished for the year but you can be assured that St Bernards will be back next year to try and do our part to keep our beaches clean!

Saint Bernards College students have removed debris from Victorian’s spectacular Surf Coast every month during the school year since 2009, recording all their findings for the Australian Marine Debris Database! Tangaroa Blue would like to thank all the students and teachers for their long-term commitment to improving the health of their local environment and being such awesome role-models for their community!

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