Victorian’s Surf Coast Gets its Monthly Clean Up

Data has just come in from the Santa Monica Campus of St Bernards College, for their monthly beach clean up event along Victoria’s Surf Coast!

Once again cigarette butts was at the top of the list of most common items found with 189 over the 3km section of coastline. Other top 10 items included 53 pieces of paper/cardboard, 52 pieces of polystyrene foam, 39 beer and glass drink bottles, and 12 drink cans. The 30 students collected a total of 613 items filling 5 bags in just 1.25 hours showing that this stretch of coastline is an area continually collecting marine debris.

Also in March, 2011 a student from Santa Monica expanded the local marine debris project by involving the First Milleara Scout Group in a clean up from Anglesea to Hutt Gully also along the Surf Coast. 40 Volunteers covered an area of 3km adding an additional 176 bits of rubbish to this month’s totals, including 29 food wrappers, 31 plastic bags and 27 bits of polystyrene foam.

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