Toddy and The Croft Bulk Offload!

There is a phenomenal amount of debris washing through the Brisbane Waters, and through the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program, Graham Johnston has pulled a team of local stakeholders together to remove this backlog of trash and look at ways of preventing if from entering the waterways in the first place.

April 11th’s clean up activites reached a milestone and 15.5 tonne now has been removed from the waterways adjacent to the Woy Woy Town Centre, since program commencement in April 2012.

The activities planned for the day included the removal of disused oyster growing debris as well as debris that had made its way through stormwater drains from landbased sources.

Assisting in the day was students and teachers from  Brisbane Waters Secondary College – The Croft, Toddy and crew from the Brisbane Waters Oyster Growers, Vicki from the Brisbane Waters National Parks and local volunteer support from Shannan.

The peak high tide allowed the barge and IRBs limited access to this site and previously stacked items were quickly loaded with 35 of the oyster triple baskets recovered from the mangroves. The old barge full of disused oyster foam products was carefully unloaded for transport to the waiting council trucks and added to this was four full bags of smaller litter were collected from the immediate foreshore.

The large oyster barge was completely full upon arrival at the boat ramp, three trips were completed by the Gosford Council truck to the tip with a total weight removed on the day topping 1.50 tonne!

A big thank you to the excellent support from the local oyster growers and participating students and teachers, as well as the assistance in transporting and disposing of the debris by Gosford City Council.

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