The Fish Will Thank Us Later!

This term on King Island we have been introduced to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. At the beginning of the term we were told that the school’s aim was to collectively remove one tonne of rubbish from the beaches of King Island. This only spurred us on to complete the milestone. With 343kg collected over the previous three terms, we knew it would be a challenge to reach one tonne within the nine week period. After finding (and digging) a 250kg mangled mess of plastic out of the sand on a surf day, we knew that this milestone was achievable.

“Before King Island I didn’t realise how much rubbish was out on the beaches, it’s amazing how much I see now that I look for it. There’s more than you think”, one student said.

With our busy program it was evident that there would not be too many days dedicated to rubbish collection, so using our own initiative and the teamwork of 44 students, we eventually reached the tonne by utilising all the spare time we had on the coast to pick up debris. It’s nice to give back to a community that we have been so accepted into.

By Owen, Evan, Gina, Minnie and Emily

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