Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris Display

Anita Kelly from Tangaroa Blue visited Parkfield Primary School on March 2nd 2010 to present information and set up a marine debris display on the grassed area between the library and the Undercover area.

Students from 8 classes (Years 5, 6 & 7, approx 200 students) were invited to visit the display during the day. Teachers brought their students to the area where Anita outlined the display, detailed the effects of marine debris and answered many questions. Students then spent some time inspecting the display.

Students in my class were very moved by the tragic consequences that marine debris can be responsible for. When writing a brief report they conveyed their feelings about the sadness of what they had seen. They were very animated in class discussing the display prior to commencing the report writing task. The same occurred when asked to plan for the preparation of a poster concerning Sea Week activities. Marine Debris was featured a lot.

The range of material and the graphic nature of the display was very effective in getting the message across. During a lesson two weeks later when discussing probable litter that may enter the Leschenault Inlet my students were quick to draw upon their Marine Debris Display experience to contribute to the lesson.

The presentation was enhanced by Anita’s passionate and informed delivery. Students were very attentive and wanted to ask her plenty of questions.

Our school choose to be involved with the Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris display because we have an overarching Education for Sustainability plan termed PLUS (Parkfield Learning for Understanding Sustainability). Year Seven students will be involved in Coast Care activities including dune species propagation, dune rehabilitation planting and Fishing For the Future sessions. Year Five Students will also be involved with Fishing For the Future activities. Year Six students have last year and will next year. The Marine Debris Display complemented our PLUS teaching and learning in no small measure.

All nine teachers have made very positive comments to me about the display and its usefulness to their teaching programs.

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