Tagai State College Hosts the 2012 Future Leaders Eco Challenge

The 25th October saw students from Tagai State College Thursday Island and Horn Island campuses as well as from the Sacred Heart School for a Future Leader’s Eco Challenge with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority!

Students were involved in lots of fun activities including a beach clean up, learning about seagrass monitoring, reducing power and what kind of work the TSRA Land and Sea Rangers are involved in.

During the beach clean up students collected more than 26kg of rubbish from just 300m of Federal Beach! The top three items found were 58 bits of hard, broken plastic, 42 pieces of broken glass and 29 cigarette butts.

The students also found plastic resin pellets – the raw form of plastic which must have come from either the mainland of Australia or South East Asia – showing how far marine debris can travel!

T-shirts were awarded to the following students for their hard work and good behaviour:

Anah from Sacred Heart School, Valma from the Thursday Island Tagai Secondary Campus, Tomhira from the Thursday Island Tagai Primary Campus and John from the Horn Island Tagai Campus.

Thanks to all the students for looking after their local marine environment by removing so much debris. We hope the information that the student’s learnt will be passed through to the other students to help continue keeping our rubbish out of the ocean.

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