Tagai Camp on Friday Island

For the past few years, Tangaroa Blue has been invited to participate in the Tagai State College year 8 camp to help monitor marine debris in the Torres Strait.

This year it was a 5 day camp to Friday Island that was held from the 12th-16th May, 2014. The students worked very hard to tackle the debris covering the beach they were camped on, collecting and then sorting the rubbish and logging the data.

Both the girls and boys groups put in an amazing effort filling over 40 bags with marine debris that had washed up and been left on the beach, collecting almost 200kgs of rubbish in a matter of minutes.

The debris found and data collected reiterated a well-known problem, being that a significant portion of the debris washing up on the beaches of the Torres Strait has actually come from international sources.

This information did not stop the Tagai students from wanting to tackle the problem of the marine debris originating in their own communities, with the year 8 classes creating their own source reduction plans, with the aim of stopping plastic water bottle litter entering the environment from local sources.

Thank you to Tagai State College for inviting Tangaroa Blue along for the week, and hope to see you again next year!

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