Tackling the Smelly Mucky Tidal Waters!

Joining the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program on August 26 was the Youth Connections team and The Croft team from Brisbane Waters Secondary College for a clean-up in the mangroves around Tascott Station and Gosford Broadwater areas.

The Youth Connections students spent the morning monitoring and removing unwanted litter from the mangroves opposite Tascott Railway Station and the Brisbane Waters Secondary College “The Croft” students headed over to remove the litter and debris in the mangroves adjacent to the Marine Rescue Centre in Gosford Broardwater.

Large amounts of small and large oyster product in the smelly, mucky tidal water was removed from the mangroves around Tascott Railway Station with ten bags quickly filled. The group very much undersized for this task! Twelve large black oyster trays were either stacked in a disused boat, or dragged to the high tide mark, for future pickup and contact was made with a local landowner who has allowed access to his jetty for the next group to complete the task. This is a key hot spot for collected litter.

The Croft travelled to the Marine Rescue Station where friendly staff advised of possible litter deposits. Four full bags of small litter was removed from the mangroves to the North of the Rescue Centre, with five large oyster trays and other larger items left for a future bulk pick up. With time to spare, the foreshore around Point Fredrick was thoroughly checked with only two bags retrieved, plus one large black oyster tray and a foam mattress. Again supportive local resident support was received.

All litter 14 bags weighing100kg was transferred to the Woy Woy landfill with prior payment receipt supplied from Gosford Council.

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