Survey the Kincumber Broardwater

Activity Report: Gosford City Council Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program
Coordinator: Graham Johnston
Field Trip Location: Kincumber Broardwater
Volunteer Group Involved: Macmasters Beach Surf Club Volunteers

Task: Survey the Kincumber Broardwater, identify sites for bulk pickup, identify volunteer locations. Source the volume of litter anticipated for pick-up

Form the commencement of Kincumber Creek, at the boat ramp, expansive plastic litter present on both foreshores. Possibility of sixty bags in the first one kilometres.

Large stack of oyster trays, foam, and timber (200 plus) at the end of Kincumber Creek adjoining the first oyster lease.

Continuing large amounts of plastic bottles and litter along the foreshores from the Nautillus Village to South Kincumber Jetty. Previously removed tonne and a half on last trip.

Western foreshore also had large amounts of visible small litter on the tide marks.

Plenty of access for volunteers though public roads, to the targeted sites.


Seek clarification from Fisheries on the owner and the legal issues over the large amount of stacked oyster product.

Seek approval from landowners for approval to access their sites for volunteers to remove marine litter.

Engage volunteer groups to complete the clean-up.

Present a clean-up plan to Council and all additional stakeholders.

Present bulk pick-up dates and times for Council to remove litter.

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