Students Plough Through the Mud at Kangaroo Point!

The Hawkesbury River Foreshore Clean-up Program was out in the mud this week for a clean up with the Rolland Hassall ‘support unit’ at Kangaroo point along the Hawkesbury River.

The deep mud made it hard going, but students and teachers were still able to remove 799 items weighing 180kg from the foreshore. There was plenty of small litter which was quickly collected.

Excess sleeping and boat equipment was also located on the foreshore, consistent of disused boating equipment and a large 100 litre water drum, painted fluro green, retrieved which was kept by the group, recycled into a compost bin!

Hornsby Council tip truck collected the deck chair, boat carpet, large foam piece, two airbeds, two sleeping bags, personal clothes along with nine full bags of small litter. Great assistance by the driver!
Photo: Anthony and Martin “in the mud’ beside Luxury Afloat.

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