Students Celebrate Bay OK Day!

On November 9th, 2012 Dunsborough Primary School celebrated ‘Bay OK Day’. The event saw 670 Dunsborough Primary School students gather at the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp to accept a Bay Friendly School accreditation. The award was presented by Geocatch and the Bay Friendly Schools program and recognises the work the school has done in becoming environmentally friendly and sustainable. The students celebrated the award with a morning of beachfront activities along the shores of Geographe Bay. These included whale watching, marine debris art workshops, drawing, fishing, looking at marine creatures under microscopes. Tangaroa Blue members Liz McGuire and Renee Mouritz were onsite to teach Yr 3 and 4 students about Tangaroa Blue and the impacts that plastics and rubbish have on our local marine life and seabirds.

They reiterated the importance of keeping our oceans clean in an effort to raise awareness in our younger generation and to inspire them to get their family and friends involved in beach clean ups. It was a great day out for the students, connecting them with their ocean and shoreline environment and helping them to take on a custodial role in protecting it. Other organisations participating in Bay OK Day included Geocatch, SWCC, Western Whale Research and Department of Fisheries.

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