Students Back at Pelican Island

Students headed back to Pelican Island during December to target the northern tip and to remove small litter items from the mangroves on the Northern tip of Pelican Island and the foreshore in front of the Waterfront Restaurant, Woy Woy. They also planned to head over to Saratoga Island for a clean up.

The event was part of the Brisbane Waters CMA  Foreshore Clean-up Program with the help of students from the “The Croft’ Special Education Unit and Brisbane Waters Secondary College “Bushcraft”.

A peak king tide enabled easy access to the foreshores, but obscured rubbish buried in the low tide mud. Three full bags of “fresh” litter was removed from 100 metres of foreshore on Pelican Island in front of the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant as well as abundant litter on the northern tip of Pelican Island with 17 bags of litter collected. Plenty of longnecks were found scattered throughout the 100 metres of area cleaned and there is still plenty there to remove!

Large oyster product items were ‘lifted onto their sides” and partially stacked against trees, to allow native grasses to re-establish. Five tyres were safely repositioned on Pelican Island. The bulk plastic netting that was present further north was not in this area, however the high king tide made identification difficult, with the site abandoned. Saratoga Island produced two full bags of mixed litter with fresh beer bottles and plastic bottles present. In total 22 bags were transferred to Wow Woy Tip for disposal.

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