Stormy Weather Doesn’t Damper the Enthusaism

Students from the Brisbane Waters Secondary College “The Croft” headed out to remove reported litter from the foreshores and mangroves on Saratoga Island and the mangroves near Henderson Road, Saratoga during September.

The threatening rain failed to dampen the enthusiasm of “The Croft” students as they headed out to clean up potential litter deposits on Saratoga Island that had been reported to the team by Vicki Elliot from National Parks. Two campsites were located and cleaned of alcohol bottles and food packaging.

With a falling tide the IRBs struggled to get into the mangroves near Henderson Road, and again the students were presented with plenty of small litter and bulk items including 14 oyster trays (breadtrays) and car and truck tyres. Over twenty truck tyres were spotted in the mangroves, which will require a barge and plenty of volunteers. Only four were removed.

Plenty more oyster trays, and small litter is still in the mangroves as only 50 square metres was cleaned. 400 metres to the east still has to be monitored. Loading of the craft again was difficult, with the IRBs grounded in the low tide. Both craft were fully loaded.

Torrential rain and small hail pounded the group, whilst returning, but again, the students thrived on the challenge. All small litter was loaded into the trailer, with the tyres and bread trays on the Cruiser roof racks for the journey to Woy Woy Tip. 100 kg was weighed in at the tip, excluding the tyres.

The tyres that were left at the Marine Rescue on the 8th September were then loaded into the trailer for transport to Moxtons Oysters at Brooklyn for cleaning and disposal. The students enjoyed a BBQ to complete the morning.

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