St. Bernard’s Boys Back at the Beach

On the 16th and 17th of July, 2013 two groups of year 9 students from St. Bernard’s College, Essendon took part in a beach clean up along the beautiful Great Ocean Road. The boys first received an introduction to the Tangaroa Blue project in the classroom, before hitting the beach with gloves and garbage bags in hand. Unsurprisingly, discarded cigarette butts and plastic bags were amongst the items most commonly retrieved by the boys. 16 metres of recreational fishing line, other plastics and glass bottles were also collected from the sand dunes and the beach itself. The boys came to realise how much rubbish polluted even those beaches that appear clean and are used by local residents every day. Their time also allowed them to ‘give back’ to the beautiful outdoor environment in which they themselves have been recently using for surfing and other activities.

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