South Fremantle Senior High School supports AMDI

On Friday 25th October Marine Specialist Program students in years 9 & 10 joined with Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Coastwatch & the CSIRO to conduct a Beach Clean-up and debris recording activity. The push for such action follows fast on the ever increasing awareness of the global problem of marine debris and waterways pollution.

Students in year 10 managed students in year 9 to work in groups that ran transects along Woodman Point Beach, then using gloves and official bags/record sheets, proceeded to spend an hour collecting and recording the nature of the debris on the beach – noting the distance down the beach and the general surrounds. Students conducted themselves in an orderly but enjoyable fashion – knowing they were assisting the local coastline in remaining as litter free as possible.

At the conclusion of the beach clean up, students then did a general clean-up behind the dunes on the request of the local ranger for Cockburn. By doing so, it was noted that a clean-up was conducted in that area a month previous and the build up of litter in just a single month was SIGNIFICANT – giving an indication to students and staff alike just HOW much of a problem littering and marine debris is.

Many thanks to Mr Maybury, Mr Kyle and Ms Anketell for volunteering to assist with this activity. GREAT job year 9 and 10 students – it goes to show that being environmentally aware is a priority for our students.
Julie Miller
Marine Specialist L3CT

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