Santa Monica Students Still Waiting for Summer!

The Year 9 students at Santa Monica campus headed back down to Moggs Creek in December as part of their marine debris monitoring program. The weather still doesn’t look like summer has hit but the students still covered the 4km stretch of beach removing 506 items of debris filling 6 bags.

Mark Smith from Santa Monica reports: “We have had a great year introducing a whole new year level of boys to the Tangaroa Project. While it is always a bit hard to engage them in the clean up days, we try to make it a bit more exciting by making a competition of it.

It’s amazing the way 15 year olds respond to competition! The best part about the project for us is that we can educate not just the boys but also their families. They learn about all the little measures they can take to decrease the amount of marine debris in our waterways, bays and oceans. We are looking forward to continuing to be involved next year.

All the very best for Christmas and the New Year and thank you for the amount of work you and your team are putting in to protect our beautiful oceans.”

Tangaroa Blue would also like to thank Mark and all the students involved in this project – they have removed a huge amount of marine debris from the Airey’s Inlet coastline helping to improve the local environment, but also collecting important data on their finds which is being used on a national level to find ways of reducing marine debris around Australia.

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