Santa Monica ramps up large scale clean-ups!

During term three the Santa Monica boys undertook two large-scale clean-ups, one close to home (between Cathedral Rock and Grassy Creek) and one further afield (Johanna Beach, near Cape Otway) along Victoria’s stunning surf coast.

Once again we were staggered by the amount of debris we collected and collated from the two sites. Both areas are open to the big winter swells that hit the west coast of Victoria, so a lot of the debris appeared to come of fishing boats or larger ships. At Johanna, in particular, there was a lot of rope and plastic bottles, as well as the usual amount of smaller plastic pieces along the high tide mark. Between Cathedral and Grassy Creek we collected a lot of styrofoam, much of it broken up boxes. This term will see us take on the monumental task of Station Beach, immediately to the west of the Cape Otway lighthouse. We will report back with our “catch” later in November.

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