Rolland Hassall Students Head to Little Wobby!

Students from Rolland Hassall headed down to Parsley Bay/ Hawkesbury River/ Little Wobby for a clean up as part of the Foreshore Cleanup Program on November 28th.

Their task on the day was to monitor and remove unwanted litter from the eight beaches from Parsley Bay to Juno Point. Light rain greeted the group and with falling tides the beaches were targeted by this group, with a thorough clean-up completed.

The students were introduced to Hornsby Council’s Peter Coad and Kristy Guise, and a local Landcare group who were all meeting at Parsley Bay and the students explained the goals of the foreshore clean up program.

All beaches showed evidence of recent ‘party’ litter, with plenty collected and an old surf ski was abandoned on Croppy Beach, and deposited at the bulk site on Long Island. Two tents were found erected on “Dead Horse Bay” by unknown occupants and an old boat pump, was found in the lantana on the headland at the entrance to Porto Bay.

The students explored Spring, Croppy and Rocky Ponds in overcast conditions and in total eight full bags were recovered. All rubbish was counted and deposited in the Hornsby Councils bins at Parsley Bay and the data submitted to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative’s database.

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