Response Training out on the River!

A fantastic group from Response Training headed out to Pelican Island as part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program on August 7th. The low tide made landings difficult for the team, but the terrain was user friendly for the group, as plenty of small litter presented on the tidal marks.

This area was extensively cleaned twelve months ago, however small oyster baskets were consistently found on the foreshore. 70 of these baskets were found in the 100 metres of foreshore cleaned. Plenty still remain.Larger items again included oyster product, with 3 large trays, 9 black baskets were also found.

The team brought back 8 very full bags of small litter, walking through the mud to Simon’s barge. Beer bottles, plastic bottles, pieces of plastic, cans, foam items and plastic pieces were all in large numbers.

The low tide made the retrieval very difficult to Simon’s barge, with a rope needed to tow the rubbish, and the volunteers back to the boat. In total 380kgs was delivered to Woy Woy Landfill and another lot of oyster product still remains in this section of Pelican Island.

Funding for the event was provided by Gosford Council.

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