Rain Doesn’t Dampen Student’s Fun!

On 2th June 2013 students from Rolland Hassall Support Unit at Parramatta High School headed out to Hawkesbury River, Bar Island and Berowra Waters for a river clean up as part of the Hawkesbury River Foreshore Cleanup Program.

The one word that would describe the day was WET! But that didn’t dampen the students’ fun or enthusiasm as they removed marine debris from behind Fishermans Point, revisiting the heavy debris area which had been cleaned the previous trip.

The heavy rain occurred just after departure, but the group was keen to continue to Fisherman’s Point. The foreshore behind Fishermans Point, cleaned by Dimension Data, was revisited, with four full bags of smaller items picked up. Large numbers of plastic lids were sitting on top of the bamboo, with plenty of smaller pieces of foam in big numbers. Oyster product and hard plastic sheeting was left on the dry foreshore for a bulk removal in the future.

The mangroves at Black Bay were then cleaned, two car tyres stacked on the high tide mark, and two full bags recovered, mainly plastic bottles. A close survey was then completed in the Marramurra area from the homesteads to the Twin Beaches headland, Bar Island, with only small items retrieved. Heavy rain, thunder and lightning saw the wet and cold group return to Mooney for and early lunch

The group collected 6 full bags weighing approximately 45kg during the event!

Project the Activity is Funded From: HNCMA Caring for our Country Grant

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