Pelican Island gets another clean

Brisbane Waters Secondary College Support Unit, headed out to clean-up the Terilbah and Pelican Islands in Tuggerah Lakes with the help of Take 3 and the Wyong Council as part of the Clean4Shore program at the end of July.

In just 3 hours the group removed around 450kg from just 700 metres of foreshore! The main rubbish found was glass beer and plastic drink bottles, polystyrene, plastic bags, alcohol cans and small litter of all description. Also hauled out were larger items including deck chairs, mattresses, carpet and derelict tents.

The vast majority of litter is consistent with poor recreational and camping practices by the general public visiting the small island.

An excellent effort by the students, and coordination by Take 3 and Wyong Council who also got to enjoy perfect weather conditions for this event.

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