Oyster Traps in their hundreds along Brisbane Waters

Students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College “The Croft” headed back out the survey and clean up Mangrove Island and monitor the back-ends of Water Bay in the Woy Woy area at the end of February.

The low tide restricted the craft’s movement, however Mangrove Island did allow easier access where two large piles of old “oyster product” were discovered stacked on the southern end of the Island. Additional oyster products were found and piled on theses stacks for future pick-up. Approx 700 kilos of oyster product is stacked ready for removal during the bulk pick up day.

Other finds included an old boat found in the mangroves, at Mangrove Island along with plenty of small litter, especially plastic, which was gathered from the eastern foreshore of Mangrove Island. Six full bags were transferred to the bulk site at Paddys Channel.

The group then transferred to Waterfall Bay, cleaning the western back-end. Six full bags of small litter was recovered. All debris was sorted and counted and data provided to Tangaroa Blue for the Australian Marine Debris Database.

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