Operation Facelift a Success!

Clean-Up Australia is celebrating 20 years this year, and on Wednesday 24th March, 104 students, teachers and parents travelled to Facing Island off the coast of Gladstone for a clean up along the eastern foreshore, improving this unique marine habitat. Data was collected from the clean-up and submitted to Tangaroa Blue for inclusion in the Australian Marine Debris Database to assist in developing strategies for long term care of our coast.

During the day approximately 3000 items of rubbish were collected by the students. Most of this was found on the northern point of the island and in the sand dunes off the shore. After lunch, students walked along the eastern side of the island but unfortunately high tides of recent days had washed rubbish on the normally heavily polluted shore out to sea. Students cleaned the nearby dunes where wind had carried the litter over. Photo Left: Year 6 & & students cleaning up at Facing Island.

A feeling of satisfaction from having done a job well was in the air that afternoon as the students enjoyed a swim at the Oaks before taking the barge back to the mainland.

Although students have indeed lead the way with this project, there is still much to be done to protect our local marine habitat from waste pollution. Photo Right: ben Orielly, Alesha Hayes, Samantha Dick & Chloe Oakman hit the beach!

With the students gaining support of local industry and businesses Operation Facelift has come to fruition. Thanks to the following supporters:

Major sponsors

  • Curtis Ferry Services
  • NRG Gladstone Power Station
  • Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Tangaroa Blue Foundation
  • Gladstone Regional Council

Minor Sponsors

  • Scott Wilson – Central Queensland University
  • Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre
  • Bunnings Warehouse
  • ABC Capricornia Region
  • ZINC Central Queensland
  • Boyne Smelter
  • Queensland Alumina

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