Mossman High School Students Clean Up Woody Island

A great opportunity for students from Mossman High School to visit Heritage Listed Low Isles and her uninabited sister, Woody Island located on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. The Low Isles (Islets) are 2 small coral cays located 13 kilometres from Port Douglas. They are situated on the western edge of the main shipping channel and home to a healthy coral reef, resident turtle population and visits from dugongs, sharks and whales.

As part of the activities the students had organised a clean up on Woody Island, so with a quick tender trip between islands, students covered the accessible parts of the island covering about 2km removing marine debris.

In total 1130 items weighing approximetly 100kg were removed by students, the Low Isles Caretakers Rick and Alex and Tangaroa Blue volunteers. Most common items were 321 broken bits of hard plastic, 168 plastic drink bottles and 154 bits of polystyrene foam. More unusual items included a gas bottle, explosives cord, a toliet cover, 4 wooden pallets and 2 tennis balls!

Thanks to Sailaway IV and Wavedancer charter boats for transporting volunteers and the debris back to the mainland, as well as the Meridian Marina in Port Douglas for disposing of the rubbish after the event.

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