Miallo Students Collect 115kg!

On Friday the 31st of October 2014, 21 students from Miallo State School joined Tangaroa Blue at the Rocky Point beach with the hope of making a positive impact on their local coastal and marine environment.

During the first session, students participated in a discussion about the origins and impacts of marine debris, and learnt all about Tangaroa Blue and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. Then with hats on heads and bags in hands, the students descended onto the beach and proceeded to enthusiastically pounce upon every item that was not meant to be there.

Items found were things as large as crab pots and car tyres, to things as small as a little silver pin. Though the discovery of some discarded underpants was the cause of much hysterical laughter from the group, the standout item found on the day was definitely an old rusted machete that had clearly been lying in the salt and sand for a very long time.

Overall the students removed an impressive 115.7kgs from Rocky Point, with recyclables bagged separately and diverted from landfill. Awesome job Miallo State School! Many thanks from Tangaroa Blue and all the critters in the ocean that you helped today.

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