Marine Discovery Centre and Geelong East Primary School at the Beach!

50 students from Geelong East Primary School and staff from the Marine Discovery Centre hit the beach at Ocean Grove along Victoria’s surf coast for some coastcare activities on August 12th. Students were involved in some dune repair work by layering brush matting to eroded patches to the sand dunes near the beach access area. Once the sand has been stabilised by this brush matting the students will plant indigenous plants to revegetate the eroded area.

Photo left: Students dragging brush matting up a path to lay on eroded patches in the sand dunes.

During their lunch break the same students spent time collecting marine debris on the beach at the foot of the sand dunes, covering an area 200m x 16m. The students also collected data that was submitted to the Australian Marine Debris Database, assisting researchers in finding what types and amounts of marine debris are impacting different sections of coastline around Australia.

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